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Vidas Athletic Complex, formerly Drexel Field, home to Drexel University’s outdoor varsity sports teams, provides a splendid greenspace venue on the eastern flank of West Park Apartments in West Powelton. 

The headquarters building at the Lee Cultural Center is a rehabilitated red-brick country mansion built around 1806 by the Italian-immigrant land broker Paul Busti. In the early 19th century, Busti’s 112-acre rural estate, formerly Mill Creek Farm, was known as “Blockley Retreat.”

Nearly 70 years removed from tunnel digging, this photo of the Market Street corridor at 36th Street shows no traces of the trains that rumble below the surface. 

This contemporary map shows the route of subway-surface cars from the SEPTA station at 31st and Market streets below the Drexel and Penn campuses. Underground stations are located at 33rd and Market (Drexel), 36th and Sansom (Penn), and 37th and Spruce (Penn). Subway cars leave the tunnel and surface through a portal at 40th Street, where the cars convert to overhead powerlines. These are the familiar electric trolleys that today ply Woodland and Baltimore avenues. 

Mill Creek leaves Montgomery County and enters the West Philadelphia sewer culvert, near the intersection of 63rd Street and City Line Avenue, across City Line from Overbrook Station.

Aspen Farms "Main Street"

Urban gardening today in Mill Creek's "buried floodplain" at 4837-59 Aspen Street, formerly a residential site. Established in 1975, with support from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Despite two investigations into the circumstances of the event, the effects of the 1985 MOVE fire still resonate on Osage Avenue and with MOVE members today.

Students at the Jubilee School, a private middle-school at 42nd and Chester streets, researched the 1985 MOVE bombing and successfully campaigned for the State Historical Marker installed on the southeast corner of Osage Avenue and Cobbs Creek Parkway in the summer of 2017.

The house at 6221 Osage Avenue, location of MOVE’s 1985 headquarters, has stood empty for decades.