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Race St. between 56tth and Vodges

This photo shows a few vintage rowhouses on Race St. between 56th and Vodges—more houses of the kind that were targeted for the Housing Authority’s used house program. 

Mill Creek Homes Tower Demolition

Implosion of the Mill Creek Homes tower apartments in 2003

Mill Creek Tower Homes Shortly Before Demolition

Viewed from the south, the Mill Creek Homes tower apartments shortly before their demolition in 2003.

Shuttered Low-Rise Buildings Pending Demolition

This photo shows the boarded-up low-rises on Aspen Street.  Sulzberger Middle School (formerly Junior High School, latterly Parkway West High School) at far left. 

Mill Creek Homes Low-Rise Greenspace

This photo shows the greenspace in the low-rise complex. Mill Creek Homes had 100-percent African American occupancy.

This photo shows a courtyard of the low-rises when they were new.

This aerial photo highlights the high-rise apartment buildings in the Mill Creek Homes development. 

As shown in this contemporary photo, the house Lydia Boothroyd Goodyear owned at 6147 Walton Ave. retains its original wooden roof cornice and ornamental supports. 

The 1940 Census shows Lydia Boothroyd Goodyear, Napolean Goodyear’s widow, living in this house at 6147 Walton Ave. with two of her children. The house was built ca. 1869.  In 1905, it was purchased by Napolean and Lydia. Napolean died in 1917. Lydia died in 1941 at age 84. In 1946, the house was put up for sale by the City for failure to pay taxes. Lydia’s children, however, were apparently able to save the house. Her daughter Myrtle Goodyear died there in 1969 at about age 72. She had no children and the house was escheat by the Commonwealth in 1883. It was sold in 1984.

The southwest-corner house at 62nd St. and Walton Ave., showing the original wooden cornice of the roof and a decorative (finial-like) extension that rises above the roof-line.