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Lydia Boothroyd Goodyear’s House

The 1940 Census shows Lydia Boothroyd Goodyear, Napolean Goodyear’s widow, living in this house at 6147 Walton Ave. with two of her children. The house was built ca. 1869.  In 1905, it was purchased by Napolean and Lydia. Napolean died in 1917. Lydia died in 1941 at age 84. In 1946, the house was put up for sale by the City for failure to pay taxes. Lydia’s children, however, were apparently able to save the house. Her daughter Myrtle Goodyear died there in 1969 at about age 72. She had no children and the house was escheat by the Commonwealth in 1883. It was sold in 1984.

Cobbs Creek
Street Address
6147 Walton Ave.

John L. Puckett