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Houses with Family Members Born in Italy, West Philadelphia 1940

 A map depicting the Italian households within West Philadelphia according to the 1940 census, showing they were mostly situated in Morris Park, Haddington, and Cathedral Park.

South Philadelphia is well-known for its population of Italian immigrants.  However, 6,600 Italians immigrants lived in West Philadelphia in 1940, second only to Russian-born Jews. They settled in two areas.  Half lived in Morris Park and the neighboring areas of Haddington west of 60th St. and southern Overbrook west of Wynnewood Rd. One-fourth of adults in this area were born in Italy; 40% were either born in Italy or had a parent born there.


The other area was in Cathedral Park which was the home to another one-fifth of West Philadelphia’s Italians.  That neighborhood was split into two sections on opposite sides of Cathedral Cemetery.  South of the cemetery was predominately Irish.  North of the cemetery was predominately Italian.  Between the cemetery and Lancaster Ave., 23% of adults were born in Italy—37% were either born there or had a parent who was.



The base maps for the current properties are from the City of Philadelphia. J. M. Duffin mapped the properties absorbed by the University City Science Center. The other historic properties were mapped by Douglas Ewbank.