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University City

Looking northeast on Woodland Avenue between 36th and 34th Streets in the late 1950s.

Phases of the $100-million building program at the University of Pennsylvania are charted on an aerial photograph of the West Philadelphia area.

Drexel’s Chestnut Square fronting the Creese Student Center.

By the 1980s, Drexel’s unglamorous orange-brick architecture—seen here on the Stratton Building, Drexel’s first building west of the Main Building—connoted an institution that had lost its creative vitality.

Students working on computers in one of Drexel's libraries.

Drexel University, founded by West Philadelphian Anthony J. Drexel, has a rich history spanning over 125 years.

Looking west on Chestnut Street at the University’s east entrance. Drexel’s brand appears on the “High Line,” which carries freight trains around 30th Street Station.

Anthony J. Drexel created the Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry—the 1891 forefather of Drexel University—with the goal of providing working-class students with a balanced education and path of upward mobility.

The West Philadelphia Corporation, a non-profit coalition formed by local “higher eds and meds,” created and marketed the neighborhood of “University City.”

The University City Science Center was the nucleus of the West Philadelphia Corporation's University City branding initiative. Gaylord P. Harnwell, president of the University of Pennsylvania (1953-1970), appears at the far left.