Passengers on the early Market Street Elevated

An early 20th-century postcard displays the Market Elevated subway at 32nd and Market Streets. This portion of track was demolished in 1956 after subway traffic was moved underground from 32nd to 45th.

Postcard featuring a view of the Market Elevated station platform at 40th and Market Streets. Underground service to this station began in 1955.

The Philadelphia Evening Ledger illustrated the Market Elevated's impact on West Philadelphia's growth by juxtaposing a 1914 photograph of Market Street at 60th Street station with photographs of the area taken before the start of track construction in 1904.

Two trains at elevated railroad station

The Market Street Elevated opened in 1907 with lines running from Center City out to the 69th street terminus.

The expansion plan for the University of Pennsylvania proposed by Paul P. Cret and the Olmstead Brothers in 1913 was the first to recommend the campus cross Woodland Avenue.

In the first half of the twentieth century, two campus plans—the Cret Report of 1913 and the Martin Report of 1948—called for the creation of a pedestrian campus free of urban congestion.

In the early 20th century, the University of Pennsylvania campus was divided by Woodland Avenue.

From before its opening in 1907, the Market Street Elevated spurred tremendous construction and population growth in West Philadelphia.

Woodside Park was an amusement park which thrilled Philadelphians with its attractions for almost 60 years.